Tips to Live a Greener Lifestyle-- Easy Peasy

Tips to Live a Greener Lifestyle-- Easy Peasy

Looking to go green?

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There are many small changes you can make to lead a greener lifestyle. One of the most obvious and easiest things you can do is…recycle! Growing up, we are constantly told to recycle; remember the saying reduce, reuse, recycle? Recycling helps to reduce pollution caused by waste by the chemicals and greenhouse gasses that are released from garbage in landfills. Conserving energy in your home is another easy way to live a greener lifestyle. This includes: unplugging appliances when they are not being used, washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot, using energy efficient light bulbs such as compact fluorescent lamps, and turning lights off when leaving rooms. You would be surprised how making these changes can make a difference in living a more Eco-friendly lifestyle! Many people do not even realize when we’re leaving a room we leave the light on, but being more mindful of this can slowly develop a new habit.


Another important, yet simple change you can make is cutting back on water bottle purchases and using water filter appliances to reduce water waste. Taking shorter showers and turning the water off when brushing your teeth can also be helpful in reducing the amount of water you use daily. Taking long hot showers are enjoyable, but reducing your shower time can save a lot of water.

Some other examples of saving energy and reducing your environmental impact include reusing plastic bags, line drying your laundry, and conserving gas fuel when running errands all in one trip.

Using Absolute Green products is another step to live more environmentally responsive. These products are 100% natural using real ingredients. Many popular cleaning brands are created with toxic chemicals that are harmful to consume. To learn more about Absolute Green products visit absolutegreen

Deciding to live a green lifestyle seems like a simple decision but is hard to commit to. Being mindful of these small day-to-day changes you can make can eventually turn into new habits turning into a new lifestyle of living.

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