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5 Germy Hot Spots in Your Home

5 Germy Hot Spots in Your Home Where to clean in your kitchen and bathroom to prevent foodborne illness We count on regular cleaning to help make sure our home is safe and clear of harmful germs. But those germs are mischievous: They hide in all sorts of places that normal tidying up might miss. Cheryl Luptowski, a home safety expert and public information officer, talks foodborne illness villains and germ hotspots.  Germ PatrolThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that foodborne illnesses (over nine million cases annually) are caused by just nine major pathogens, or germs, and that 21 percent of cases stem from food prepared at home. One of the easiest ways for germs to transfer from the...

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The birds and the bees... and the butterflies - attracting pollinators to your yard

One of the best things we can add to our gardens is add plants and feeders that support the important work of pollinators. Not only do these look beautiful with their bright cheery blooms, they support the important work of pollinators – creatures that help move pollen from male to female plants, fertilizing them. Bees I sometimes think about how bees have hired the best PR firm in the business. Gone are the days when we tried to avoid them and keep them away from our shared outdoor space – now we’re building environments to invite them in! There are lots of flowers that attract bees to your yard – peonies, pansies, lavender – dandelions, even! If you are planning...

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Tips for using household waste in the garden

With all this time at home, I – like many of us – have taken this opportunity to do some work in my garden. It’s such a great stress-reducing activity; one that kids can help with and one that yields such satisfying results. I’m certainly no master gardener, but I have been learning how to use some of my household scraps, otherwise destined for landfill, to improve my beds, and I’m going to share some of those tips with you today. Composting Some of you may have compost bins already. I’m relatively new to the home compost but have been happy with how easy it is to do, and how much it reduces our garbage output. But you certainly do...

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