Prices are weight-based, applied at checkout. We orders between 1-2 business days after placing order. We often ship on the same day. Circumstances such as weather, COVID-19, and other natural issues may affect ship time. Currently we only ship to the United States. 


While we do not ship internationally at this time, we are hoping to do so in the future. Please send us your contact info if you would like to be notified when we  ship to your location.


Our shipping is only as accurate as the information we are given. Please verify all your shipping and billing information before placing your order. Repeat customers checking-out with a registered account will have the option of entering a new address during the checkout process. It is your responsibility to verify that all addresses are complete and accurate. Please make sure to include your apartment, suite, unit, room or space number is ensure proper and timely delivery of your order. If your address does not verify in our shipping system, your order will be placed on-hold while we contact you to correct or confirm your address.