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Using Aromatherapy for Stress, Anxiety, Focus and Sleep

We’ve talked before about ways to calm our anxiety, but today I’m going to tell you a little bit more about using scents and aromatherapy to help set your mood. You’ve probably heard or seen people talking about essential oils, which seems to be a big new trend! It’s important to note that researchers have differing opinions on whether aromatherapy works. Depression and anxiety are real, and serious, mental health concerns and if you believe that you are suffering from either of these to the detriment of living your best life you should talk to your doctor. Essential oils and diffusers are readily available for purchase from your favorite online retailer, or stores like Target. Ones of the home, the...

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My Journey Towards Going Green

When I was in elementary school we were taught about recycling and that was all I thought I had to do to help the environment. As I got older, I still ignored other ways of going green because it didn’t seem important to me at the time. Seeing how our planet is being affected by the choices we make every day makes me realize my actions need to change. The small changes we all make to our lifestyles can make a difference in saving the Earth.  As a millennial and recent college graduate, when buying products the price is my determining factor. Throughout college I always bought brands that I was familiar with and that were most importantly on sale....

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