My Journey Towards Going Green

My Journey Towards Going Green

When I was in elementary school we were taught about recycling and that was all I thought I had to do to help the environment. As I got older, I still ignored other ways of going green because it didn’t seem important to me at the time. Seeing how our planet is being affected by the choices we make every day makes me realize my actions need to change. The small changes we all make to our lifestyles can make a difference in saving the Earth.

 As a millennial and recent college graduate, when buying products the price is my determining factor. Throughout college I always bought brands that I was familiar with and that were most importantly on sale. Now, from working with Absolute Green products, I’m realizing that if I look beyond pricing and brand familiarity, there are products that work just as well and are better for the environment.

Since I began working with Karen, I started using the Peppermint Absolute Green cleaner and have grown to really love the product. It smells very fresh and works just as well as Windex! I went to Whole Foods for the first time this month and tried So Delicious dairy free ice cream which truly was delicious. Being lactose intolerant, I didn't even know they made dairy free ice cream. It’s not only encouraging to know there are many options out there for people with food restrictions, but also that these options can help improve the environment. By eating dairy free ice cream, I am reducing my dependency on animal products. It’s these little changes that are helping me realize how I can live a more Eco-friendly lifestyle.

I’m happy Karen has opened this whole new green world to me. I’m making baby steps but want to continue my journey on living a greener lifestyle!

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