Managing Anxiety During Trying Times

Managing Anxiety During Trying Times

There are times when all the news you read or hear all seems to be bad. The world can seem overwhelming and our hearts and brains need a break to recharge, and refocus. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what’s going on around us, we’ve got some great ideas to help you get control of your feelings, and realign your thoughts to manage anxiety.

1. Meditation

I really can’t recommend this enough for dealing with stress, improving focus and learning to control your thoughts (good or bad). Taking the time to meditate has proven to help manage stress, reduce anxiety, promote emotional healing and more. If you’ve never done it before, there are likely guided meditation groups in your area that you can join. Or, if you’d like to start at home, apps like Headspace and Calm are very popular, and guided meditation playlists are readily available on Spotify. If you don’t have access to those, try YouTube.

2. Yoga

Along with being great for your body, yoga can help you alleviate stress and anxiety. This list of yoga poses from Yoga Journal is a great visual resource of poses that help reduce anxiety.

3. The Power of Scent

I’ve shared tips with you before, about creating a stress-free home environment, and I hope you’ve found those tips useful. Again, I highly recommend using the power of scents in your home to help your mood. Our Lavender Linen & Fabric Spray on your sheets before you put them in the linen closet will infuse them with one of nature’s most calming scents and help you gain a good night’s sleep without dangerous chemicals and fragrances.

4. Exercise

Any exercise should only be undertaken with approval from your doctor, but studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise is changes your brain chemistry, increasing serotonin and other anti-anxiety neuro-chemicals that help to decrease anxiety. It also releases muscle tension, releasing tension being held in your body. 30 minutes a day, or two 15-minute sessions will get you on the road to both a healthy mind and body.

5. Start Writing

Keeping a journal can help you unpack some of the worries you have, and offers an opportunity to get down important things in your life that you feel good about. By shifting the focus from the negative to the positive, you’ll gain some perspective on what to focus on. Think about your friends, family, flowers, coffee – whatever brings you happiness in the moment!

6. Get a Cat

Or a dog, or really any pet. We, at  Absolute Green, are cat fans, but most of all we’re fans of animals (which is why our products are never tested on animals and are pet-friendly!). Having a pet, especially cats and dogs, is known to relieve stress, anxiety and depression in owners by lowering cortisol, a hormone that’s associated with depression and anxiety. So, if you’re willing and able: consider bringing a pet into your home. And please remember all the cats, dogs and other pets that are looking for their forever home, and consider adopting an animal to be your new bff.

7. Get Outside

A long walk outside, in nature (ie not in the middle of New York City) is said to lower activity in the brain that leads to negative thoughts. So, if you’re able, get outside and find a leisurely nature trail, and take the time to re-set your brain, calm your mind and enjoy the beauty that is around us. And while you’re going for a long walk…

8. Talk to a Friend

Talking, and laughing, with friends helps reduce cortisol, that stress hormone. So, when you go for your long walk, bring your funniest friend and try to focus on the happy topics of conversation: no talking about politics, climate change, or your boss!

The world around us can be overwhelming, but it can also be beautiful and wondrous when we learn how to focus our brains on the good stuff, and try not to let the bad stuff take front and center.

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