Our Story

The “trigger event” for me was a home-improvement project and the effects the cleaning products I used to “clean my house” had on me.  The after renovation “cleaning process” caused me to have trouble breathing and functioning. Ultimately, my immune system was compromised due to chemical sensitivities and environmental allergies which caused an asthma attack. It was a respiratory overload from the toxic chemicals, used to clean up, which made me sick!  

I decided that there had to be a better way, and that no one should become sick from things that were supposed to be good—like having a clean home. 

I became a LEED approved professional for Commercial Spaces by the US Green Building Council  (USGBC),  voraciously studying air quality, materials/chemicals and their effects on humans, animals and the environment.  This became the beginning of my life’s mission—the creation of Absolute Green.


I was looking for a natural alternative to the current cleaning options available in stores. I was not happy with my choices. I found lots of products with chemicals, toxins, environmentally unfriendly packaging, animal testing, or a combination of all of these. I was looking for a complete lifestyle overhaul, and committed myself to “going green” with ingredients that made sense.

It was then that I set out to create green and clean products that have less impact on our bodies, pets, homes and environment.  I believe that having real ingredients to clean our homes, offices and personal items—with less effort and chemicals—is a good thing. This is what I have created at Absolute Green over the last ten years.


Our Philosophy:

Our commitment to 100% natural products is unwavering—as is our interest in being “good citizens of the world.”   We employ students, military, handicapped as well as work with local universities to employ interns to learn about sustainability and grow within the business—from the office to the production line. 

Our manufacturing practices are 98% closed loop, with local sourcing and sustainable practices in place with very little waste. Environmentally friendly  packaging shows our commitment to doing the right thing. We use plastic bottles that can be recycled and biodegradable packing peanuts, made from starch, which can be composted!

These products are in loving memory of my father ...  Karen