Using Aromatherapy for Stress, Anxiety, Focus and Sleep

Using Aromatherapy for Stress, Anxiety, Focus and Sleep

There are ways to calm our anxiety, but today I’m going to tell you a little bit more about using scents and aromatherapy to help set your mood. You’ve probably heard or seen people talking about essential oils, which seems to be a big new trend!

It’s important to note that researchers have differing opinions on whether aromatherapy works. Depression and anxiety are real, and serious, mental health concerns and if you believe that you are suffering from either of these to the detriment of living your best life you should talk to your doctor.

All of our Absolute Green products are infused with essential oils, and we do offer a line of air fresheners that will do the trick. Or, for some of these, like lavender or rosemary, you could purchase a potted plant to grow inside or outside and you can dry and make sachets at home.

When buying essential oils, make sure that your oil hasn’t be diluted with vegetable oil. Choose oils that are in dark glass bottles, as clear bottles allow unfiltered light and can spoil the oil.

Lavender is an oil that we’ve discussed before that is said to have a calming effect. It’s so popular, that we have a line of products that include lavender essential oil! A lot of research has gone into this particular scent, which is why we’ve heard about it more than many others. But it’s not the only one to consider. Some researchers suggest that there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to aromatherapy. Some scents may have a bad association for some people (the sense of smell is closely tied to memory), so there’s no cookie cutter solution for everyone.

Sweet orange, which comes from the peel of the fruit, has been used for women in labor to reduce their stress and anxiety during childbirth.

Bergamot is said to help reduce levels of stress hormones and fatigue.

Chamomile, which many of us drink in tea at bedtime, is believed to calm the mind, help with feelings of stress, sadness, and help set a peaceful mind.

Jasmine is used to calm the nervous system without making you feel sleepy.

Sweet basil, which you may have rowing in your herb garden already, is believed to reduce anxiety and stress.

Bamboo relaxes the body and unravels the stresses of the mind. Building resilience in every breath.

If you’re having trouble concentrating – maybe you’re working from home with kids around, or you find yourself checking the news constantly for updates, try some peppermint to improve focus (try Absolute Green’s peppermint air freshener in your workspace). Rosemary, which is stimulating so not necessarily calming, is also said to have properties that may help you focus and help you to calm racing thoughts.

For those of you that are having trouble sleeping at night, there are oils for that, too. Along with some of the ones mentioned above (chamomile and lavender), clary sage is a natural sedative that may help put you in a sleepy mindset.

Valerian is another natural sedative that users say provides no grogginess in the morning.

Sandalwood is a natural sedative that is said to reduce wakefulness and increase non-REM, deep sleep.


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