Make the winter season a green one

Make the winter season a green one

As winter approaches, there are many ways to go green. When temperatures drop, utilities bills rise. During the winter months, there are ways to save energy and money!

This holiday season before hosting a party, use non-toxic products to clean your home. Air inside homes is more polluted than the outside because of using toxic household cleaners. Try using some of our cleaning products to freshen up your home!

Be cautious of conserving the heat in your home as best you can! Most of the time when I’m cold I immediately turn the heat up, which results in using more energy and more expensive heating bills. Instead of turning up the heat, try and layer up and wear warmer clothes around the house. You can also use your app to control the heat while you are away from your space. Close the vents in less utilized rooms to redirect the heat to the most commonly used rooms in your home. 

Attempt to choose organic clothing like cotton, hemp, or fleece that is made from recycled materials. They are great ways to keep warm and green at the same timie. 

Humidifiers can keep the air in your home comfortable while the heat is on. Humidifiers create moist air holding the heat better so you can turn down the thermostat. Reducing water temperature is overlooked but an easy way to save energy! Lowering your water heater temperature by just a few degrees can save you money. Use reusable mugs and thermoses when buying coffee to cut down the use of plastic cups.

Buy seasonal produce! Season-appropriate produce requires less energy to transport and will be fresher! Some produce that are in season during the winter months are: cabbage, Brussels sprouts, squash, potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips, and parsnips.

Some of these are simple items we do not think about on a regular basis, we are used to our normal routine and do not think of new ways to try and conserve energy. Making these minor changes can make a difference in your everyday life and help the planet!

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