Get Your Yoga On

Get Your Yoga On

Despite contrary beliefs, yoga is more than just stretching to relax: it’s a form of exercise. Yoga helps improve your posture, flexibility, and strength. Yoga is an all body workout where you’re burning calories and toning your muscles. Maintaining a regular yoga practice can provide physical and mental health benefits. If you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle then consider trying yoga!

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Yoga stretches your muscles, helping you to gain strength. The more flexible and stronger you are the better your posture is! No matter what pose you are performing, if done correctly, yoga helps build your core strength.

Yoga focuses on awareness of your breathing technique helping you to perform the poses and relax. The relaxation techniques can help lessen chronic pain you may have and lower your blood pressure. Through yoga, individuals better manage their stress because it incorporates deep breathing and exercise into their day. A perk of doing yoga is that no equipment is required, all you need is your yoga mat and an instructor to start you on your journey.

This form of exercise challenges you to push yourself in ways different than running or cycling does. Practicing yoga can make you physically and mentally stronger. There are different types of yoga, some are more fast-paced and intense and others are more relaxed. Choosing which type of yoga to practice depends on what your end goals are. Give it a try!

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