Beat the isolation blues with our 14-day spring cleaning guide

Beat the isolation blues with our 14-day spring cleaning guide

We at Absolute Green sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are keeping well, in these uncertain and unsettling times. Self-care is always important, but right now, especially, we hope that you’re looking after your health, both physical and mental.

We also recognize that we can all use a little distraction from what’s going on around us, and that many of us are self-isolating and might have some extra time to take care of our home environment. So, what better time than now to create a full on, day by day, 2 week spring cleaning guide!

Day 1: Declutter your closets

Start your spring cleaning by lightening your load. Go through your clothes and your kids’ clothes and shoes. If you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it. If you have 5 pairs of plain black trousers, donate 3 of them. Don’t hang on to things you might wear “one day”, but have never worn yet. And definitely, definitely do not hang on to things that used to fit, thinking that one day they will fit again. Let go of the past.

Day 2: Declutter your basement/attic

Those gifts that your aunt gave you, that you don’t like or want but feel some obligation to keep? Let them go. Those toys you’re hanging on to, in case one day the kids want to play with them again, or because they have sentimental value? Donate them. Don’t tie sentiment to things, reserve it for experiences and memories.

Day 3: Wipe down your baseboards

Are you like me, and tend to ignore your baseboards until the dust on them is so visible it grosses you out? Today is the day to get on your hands and knees and wipe down every single baseboard with one of your Absolute Green multi-purpose cleaners.

Day 4: Thoroughly clean out your bathroom cupboards and medicine cabinet

Look at all the expiration dates, throw out the anything expired. Organize your first aid supplies together, your OTC medicines, and throw out or donate anything you’re unlikely to use (the bubble gum scented gift set your mother gave you…)

Day 5: Pack away any winter or autumn seasonal clothes

Give your closet some space and pack your sweaters and coats away in a sealed box or bag to protect them for the next 6 months.

Day 6: Organize your linen closet

Re-fold your towels, sheets. Take out anything that’s looking ragged, and turn them into reusable rags for cleaning. As you’re folding everything up, give them a spritz of linen spray to freshen them up.

Day 7: Deep clean your junk drawers

In this situation, be bold. When in doubt, throw it out! Don’t know what it is or does? Chuck it. Organize your batteries and important odds and ends and get rid of the stuff you genuinely won’t need in the next twelve months.

Day 8: Clean your garbage cans and wastepaper baskets

Once again, break out your Absolute Green multi-surface cleaner, and air fresheners, if necessary, and tackle these guys with a good scrubbing and disinfecting.

Day 9: Wash your windows: inside and out

Did you know you can use a 50/50 vinegar and water mixture as a natural window cleaner? Wash those streaks and smudges away, and if you’re able – wash the outside of the windows as well.

Day 10: Disinfect your reusable grocery bags

For plastic ones, you can wipe them down with a disinfecting spray. For cloth ones, throw them in the washing machine.

Day 11: The fridge

It’s a big job, but somebody’s gotta do it! Check expiration dates, and clean the drawers and shelves with hot, soapy water. Throw away anything you’re honestly not going to use again. Change out your baking soda, if you keep it in the fridge as a deodorizer. Remember to wash food out of containers before putting them in the recycling bin.

Day 12: The microwave

My favorite, easy, way to clean the microwave is to put a 50/50 water and vinegar solution in a bowl and nuke it for 10 minutes. It will stink, yes, but it will loosen all the crud in your microwave and save you from excessive scrubbing.

Day 13: Your curtains and blinds

Take down and launder (or dry clean) your curtains. Iron them, if necessary. If you have blinds, take the time to wipe down each one. This will take take some time, but we’ve got it. Pop on your favorite podcast for this mindless project.

Day 14: In and around your furniture

Vacuum your upholstered furniture. Pull everything away from walls and vacuum/mop underneath it.

Day 15: Put your feet up, sit back and enjoy your cleaner home!

Take care of yourselves out there, and remember: we will get through this together!



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